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Adopted woman finds father on FBI most wanted list after DNA test

(AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana, File)

An adopted woman who was curious about where she came from, says she discovered that her birth father is on the FBI’s Most Wanted list after she took a DNA test.

63-year-old Kathy Gillcrist began her DNA journey in 2017 and on the paperwork  made sure to mark that she was interested in finding other relatives.

Soon after her results came back, Gillcrist was put in touch with a third cousin Susan Gillmor of Maine.

Gillcrist says she was surprised about how much they had in common including the fact that they are both English majors.

Given that Gillmor is also an amateur genealogist, she decided to assist Gillcrist in finding out information about her birth parents.

The two women were able to find Gillcrist’s birth mother who put her up for adoption in 1957, but they had a more difficult time locating Gillcrist’s father.

After several years of research, Gillmor was able to find information on Gillcrist’s father but what she found was a shock:

“I’m looking at the surnames, I’m looking at names in common, I’m looking at geography and his name is William Bradford Bishop Jr.” Gilmor  said.

Gilmor told Gillcrist her father’s name but Gillcrist did not initially make the connection.

” I said ‘Is it someone famous?’ She said, ‘ Um, yeah.’ I just laughed. We have a great sense of humor in my adoptive family and I thought ‘ of course, my father’s a murderer!'” Gillcrist said.

Bishop Jr.  was put on the FBI’s Most Wanted list in 2014 after he killed his 68-year-old mother, his 37-year-old wife and their three sons ages 5, 10, and 14 while living in Bethesda, Maryland in the 1970’s. He then reportedly moved the bodies to Columbia, North Carolina where he buried them in a shallow grave and then set the bodies on fire.

Authorities say the slayings occurred on the same day Bishop Jr. who worked as a foreign service officer, found out that he had been past over for a promotion at the State Department.

According to reports, Bishop Jr. would be 84-year-old. Gillcrist says she believes her father is still alive and still on the run.

Though a reunion may not be possible between Gillcrist and her father, Gillcrist says she has identified several halfsiblings and other family members.