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Actor Gavin MacLeod of ‘The Love Boat’ and ‘The Mary Tyler Moore’ dies at 90

Debbie Reynolds, Gavin MacLeod, Marilyn Michaels
FILE – In this Oct. 15, 1982 file photo shows Gavin MacLeod with actress Debbie Reynolds and Marilyn Michaels on the set of “The Love Boat.” Gavin MacLeod has died. His nephew told the trade paper Variety that MacLeod died early Saturday, May 29, 2021. (AP Photo/Doug Pizac, File)

The talented actor Gavin MacLeod, known for his roles on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and “The Love Boat,” died Saturday, his nephew Mark See told Variety.

He was 90 years old.

MacLeod found stardom on two of the biggest television hits of the 1970s and ’80s.

When he was invited to audition for the pilot of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” in 1970, MacLeod was almost 40, a recovering alcoholic looking for the right opportunity to soar higher in his acting career.

His talent was unforgettable and a pleasure to watch unfold on both shows, he had that raw talent flavor that was easy for the audience to connect with him.

After “The Love Boat,” MacLeod became a evangelical Christian.

He credits his faith with allowing him to end his abuse with alcohol and reconciling with his wife Patti, whom he remarried in 1985.

“The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” ran from 1970 to 1977, became one of the most acclaimed comedies in television history.