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Update: Three dead including the gunman in active shooter situation in PSL

Three people are dead and an officer is in the hospital after a dispute about a dog turned into a shooting rampage. The incident occurred at a two-story home near Morningside Elementary school on SE Morningside Blvd. Port St. Lucie Police say they responded to reports of shots fired around 12:30 pm at the home. A man and his teenaged daughter were reported dead inside of one of the homes.

At some point the shooter barricaded himself inside the victim’s home and engaged in a shootout with police. One officer was injured during the incident and was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The suspect has also since been reported dead, however, authorities are reporting that they are unsure how exactly the suspect died. Several sources are reporting that the shooter is a neighbor and that the shooting began due to a dispute over a dog. Both the Port St. Lucie police and St. Lucie Sheriff’s deputies are at the scene. The public is still being advised to avoid the area.