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Active duty mom returns home after finding that her child was being abused

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(Nassau, FL)– A 26-year-old woman who was given parental authority over a child while the child’s mother was on deployment has been charged with abusing the child.
Vanessa Alejandra Guzman was taken into custody on November 1st following an investigation into the child abuse claims.
According to the report, the child was left with Guzman and her husband Iran Cruz on Aug. 10.
While the child was in the Guzman’s custody, another neighbor witnessed the couple physically abuse the child and contacted the child’s mother.
According to the report, the neighbor heard the couple hit the child with what she believed was a belt, but she did not actually see what happened.
When authorities examined the child, they found visual marks on the child’s legs, back and chest.
Authorities also reported that while in the couple’s care, the child did not go to school or have visits from family members.
The child was taken out of the couple’s custody on Aug. 27th.
The mother was able to come home from active duty to pick up the child.
Guzman was arrested and is facing child abuse charges.