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ABC edits out Obama’s “Open Borders are Unsustainable” comment

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(AP Photo/Dario Lopez-Mills)

In an ABC news exclusive, the network snipped out the best line from Former President Obama regarding immigration and the open Southern border, according to Newsbusters.
In an exclusive interview between former President Barack Obama and Good Morning America co-anchor Robin Roberts, ABC News edited out part of the former President’s comments on the current southern border crisis in which he opposed “open borders,” calling them “unsustainable.”

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Jen Psaski was asked whether President Biden agreed with President Obama.
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A new poll shows Americans are losing confidence in how President Biden is handling a number of challenges.
The ABC News/Ipsos poll out today finds Biden’s numbers are underwater on immigration and the border situation, gun violence, crime, and Afghanistan.
His approval numbers are 33-percent for immigration and border issues, 38-percent for gun violence, 38-percent for Afghanistan, and 43-percent for crime.