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A woman who is a US murder suspect went undetected in Italy for 2 weeks

An American woman who police say, murdered her husband back in 2002 was arrested in Italy after staying at the Rome hotel in Italy for almost two weeks.

59-year-old Beverly McCallum was arrested on Friday by Italian police when an international arrest warrant turned up in the system identifying her as a murder suspect.

Police say McCallum was staying in the hotel since early February after her arrival from Pakistan via Saudi Arabia.  Initially, no international arrest warrant had been issued, which is why she was able to travel without any trouble.

U.S. authorities had been seeking to extradite McCallum from Pakistan, where she was believed to have been living, to stand trial in the slaying of her husband, Robert Caraballo. He was beaten and suffocated in 2002, and his body was dumped and burned in a blueberry patch in western Michigan. The remains were so badly burned that they were not identified for more than a decade.

Officials say her 17-year-old son, who was staying with her in the hotel, has been turned over to Italian social services.

McCallum is currently in Rome’s Rebibbia prison awaiting to be extradited to the U.S. to face charges.