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A high school student is in critical condition after being pushed off of a balcony in South Carolina

Flashing Lights on Police Car

(FLORENCE, South Carolina)– Deputies responded to an incident at West Florence High School in Florence, South Carolina on Wednesday.

The school’s resource officer responded to stop a fight when the student went over the balcony, Florence County Sheriff TJ Joye said.

The Principal of the school, Matthew Dowdell, said in a statement:

“Today shortly after 2nd block, two West Florence students had an isolated incident in the front of the building. This exchange became physical and resulted in one student falling off the front balcony. Administrators and nurses responded immediately to this incident and called EMS, who arrived quickly and took the student to McLeod Hospital for further evaluation. The student has already been released to his parents with a sprained knee and wrist. The other student was taken to the principal’s office to start our investigation. After the investigation concluded, all evidence was released to the Florence County Sheriff’s Office. The event was isolated between these two students and was immediately taken care of. West Florence prides itself on keeping our school a safe learning environment,”

A student has been detained as a suspect in the incident.