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9-year-old finds $5,000 under floor mat while cleaning family SUV

A 9-year-old Indiana boy was cleaning out his father’s SUV when he discovered $5,000 under a floor mat.

According to WRTV, 9-year-old Landon Melvin told his dad about his discovery, but his dad, Michael Melvin, did not believe him.

Melvin said he initially thought the package to be paperwork, but then realized it was actually $5,000.

Melvin said the thought to keep the money never crossed his mind.

“I immediately thought, ‘I need to find out who this belongs to,’” he told WRTV.

The family, who purchased the car in September, tracked down the previous owner of the SUV. It turns out that the previous owners were a South Carolina family who drove to Florida in 2019 for a cruise. However, they had forgotten where they had placed the money.

WRTV reported that the owners were grateful to get the cash back, but they also gave Landon a $1,000 reward.