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80-Pound Iguana Found in Florida Restaurant’s Freezer

It looks like West Palm Beach diners who like iguana on their pizza are out of luck.
Florida’s Pizza Mambo was shut down for one day last week after health inspectors found a dead, 80-pound iguana in the restaurant’s freezer. A Pizza Mambo employee told inspectors the owner had received the five-foot-long lizard as a gift; however, it isn’t clear if the reptile was already dead when he received it, according to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.
While storing a dead iguana in a restaurant’s freezer is a health violation, killing one isn’t against the law in Florida. In fact, the non-native species multiplies so quickly that the state wildlife agency encourages residents to “humanely” kill them.
If this happened at a restaurant you frequently dine at, would you ever eat there again?