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8-year-old severely burned at sleepover; friend’s parents didn’t call police


(WARREN, ARK)– The family of an 8-year-old child is looking for answers after the child was severely burned during a sleepover and was not taken to the hospital by the family that was caring for him. 

The incident occurred on August 9th at the child’s friend’s home. 

The family told reporters that they allowed their son, Jayceon Charles, to spend the night at a friend’s home so that he could join their family at a local amusement park the following day. 

During the sleepover, however, Jayceon’s parents received a call from Jayceon who reportedly hung up as soon as they picked up. 

The parents say they called back immediately due to concern for their child and heard Jayceon screaming in the background. 

They then rushed over to the home to find Jayceon covered in Vaseline and plastic wrap.

The friend’s parents told them that they were roasting hotdogs by a fire when some sort of explosion occurred and Jayceon was injured. 

Jayceon’s parents then asked why the family did not call for an ambulance or attempt to take the child to an emergency room but did not receive a clear answer. 

Jayceon’s parents then drove their son to the hospital where he was put on a ventilator and had to be resuscitated twice.

The parents told reporters that Jayceon was severely burned over 80% of his body, has suffered kidney failure, and has had several surgeries including those to remove a large portion of his small intestine. 

The family says they believe that the friend’s parents are covering up what really happened and have not received the support they need from investigators. 

According to the family, officials have not reached out to any of the parties involved to conduct interviews or to review medical records. 

“The stories that’s been told never sat right with me from the beginning,” the father told reporters. “I never understood why so many people dropped the ball and just didn’t show any concern.”

As of Thursday, Arkansas State Police reported that they will be taking over the investigation. 

“I really feel like it should’ve been investigated from day one when we came in the hospital,” said the father. “They didn’t even call the police at the hospital.”

The family reported that Jayceon is slowly recovering from his injuries but still has a long way to go. 

“My biggest fear is that my child might not be the same person that he was at first,” the mother told KARK.