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8 people shot during Martin Luther King Jr. event

police evidence at the crime scene  car accident
crime scene shootout

(FORT PIERCE, Florida)– Eight people were shot Monday during a Martin Luther King Jr. car show event, according to local authorities.

The shooting happened around 5:20 p.m. at Ilous Ellis Park, and eight adults were shot and four others – one of whom was a child – were injured fleeing the scene.

“It was mass chaos, as you can imagine, when shots rang out. There were 1,000-plus people here at the event,” Chief Deputy Brian Hester said at a press conference. “And as the shots rang out, people were just running in all directions.”

No arrests have been made as the sheriff’s office collaborates with local, state, and federal agencies investigate the shooting, according to Tonya Woodworth, a sheriff’s spokesperson.