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8-month-old dies in car while father was under arrest

An 8-month-old is dead after she was left in a car for an extended period of time while her father was under arrest.
The incident occurred in Snellville, Georgia on Tuesday.
Authorities say 20-year-old Davied Whatley went to the Snellville Police Department around 2:00 p.m. to retrieve several firearms that had been confiscated from him.
Officials ran Whatley’s name to make sure they were not giving the weapons back to a felon, and found that he was wanted for a misdemeanor probation violation from a hit-and-run/no insurance.

He was arrested on the spot.
Whatley was eventually allowed to make a phone call around 9:30 p.m., and contacted a friend to get in touch with his daughter’s grandmother to notify her about his daughter sleeping in the car.

According to the report, the grandmother found the child unresponsive in the vehicle and took the child to a hospital where she was pronounced dead.
Officials say that at no point did Whatley mention that he had his daughter waiting for him in the car but Whatley’s mother says the officers accused him of lying:

“He told them. He loved his daughter,” Leticia Padilla, told WSB. “All they had to do was listen. They thought he was lying.”

Snellville police say body camera video will prove that Whatley never mentioned his daughter while he was under arrest.

Whatley posted bail on Tuesday night but was arrested again on Wednesday on second-degree murder charges.

The situation is still under investigation.