70-year old Michigan resident earns high school diploma

Dreams still come true at any age if you put in the hard work and dedication.

That’s exactly what happened for a 70-year old woman from Michigan who recently earned her high school degree.

“I used to pray so hard and say, God keep your hand on my shoulder,” said Hermelinda Sporea.

From a young girl until now she prayed for God to keep her on a positive track in life.

“I struggled in my young years, badly, horrible, bad childhood,” she said reflectively. ,” said Sporea a

The struggle of her childhood and the trauma was a huge obstacle for her but she never gave up on herself.

“I was just tired of walking to school, going home, going to work, it was just hard. And I told my mom, I don’t want to go to school anymore. She said you don’t have to, just drop out. Then I regretted it because that was the wrong thing to do,” said Sporea as she thought back.

She felt like there was something missing.

“That was the last thing I wanted to succeed with was to get my high school diploma,” Sporea said.

Her daughter helped her enroll at Utica Community Schools. It took her 4 years but she made it happen.

“I was like, oh lord, yes, yes. I tell my husband, I can’t believe it, I finished. I just did it. I graduated. I’m just happy. I finally got what I wanted, “she said.

It’s a beautiful thing when you can still dream and make it happen.