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6-Year-Old Sets up ‘Joke Stand’ to Dispense Humor to Stressed Neighbors

If there’s any truth to the adage, “Laughter is the best medicine,” then a 6-year-old Canadian boy has come up with a sure-fire treatment for COVID-19.

Saanich, B.C. resident Callaghan McLaughlin, who says he normally operates a lemonade stand this time of year, has transformed his storefront into a “daily joke stand.”

Every morning, McLaughlin sits at the end of his driveway for 45 minutes, dispensing free humor to everyone who passes by.

“There’s a lot of stress in the world,” he says. “And I kind of want to get some smiles on people’s faces.”

Although McLaughlin initially culled most of his jokes from a single humor book, he’s since expanded his inventory to keep his business afloat for quite some time, his mom says.

“He usually has a pretty high success rate of a joke returned,” Kelsea McLaughlin says. “He has learned a whole new repertoire.”