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4-year-old dead after grandmother forced her to drink bottle of whiskey

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The mother and a grandmother of a 4-year-old girl have been arrested after they forced the child to drink a lethal dose of whiskey.
28-year-old Kadjah Record and 53-year-old Roxanne Record were taken into custody on Thursday after authorities found the child unresponsive in an East Baton Rouge home.
According to the report, the child’s grandmother Roxanne, became angry with the child after she thought the child “may have drunk from a Canadian Mist bottle.”
Roxanne then forced the child “to consume the remainder of the bottle which was possibly over half full while on her knees in the hallway,” police said.
Investigators reported that the child’s mother Kadjah, was present at the time, and did not intervene at any point.
Kadjah also reportedly did not seek medical treatment for her daughter, even after she stopped breathing.
First responders were eventually called to the home by the grandmother.
Officials attempted to perform life saving procedures on the child but she passed away at the scene.
Authorities say the child had a blood-alcohol level more eight times the legal driving limit for adults in her system.
Both women have been arrested and are facing a charge of first-degree murder.
Roxanne told authorities “that she messed up and that she wanted to take full responsibility for the death of the victim,” the warrants stated.