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39-year-old gang member beats up child in Florida

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A 39-year-old man has been arrested after authorities say he tracked down and beat up a middle school student who reportedly stole a necklace.
The incident was reported in Collier County, Florida in March.
Officials say the victim stole a necklace from his classmate who happened to be related to Renaldo Arriaga, a “documented gang member.”
Arriaga then tracked down the child and followed him home.
Arriaga then reportedly broke down a locked fence and “strangled and battered the victim,” police said.
“He also encouraged the other child to participate in the attack, but the child was too frightened. … The victim sustained excessive bruising, scratches and minor abrasions in the attack.”
After the attack, Arriaga threw a large rock through the window of the home before fleeing the area.
The Collier County Sheriff’s Office say Arriaga was taken into custody on May 5th.
He was charged with child abuse, “burglary with a battery, throwing a deadly missile into a dwelling, criminal mischief over $1,000, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor,” officials said.