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3 teens charged in killing of Miramar High senior, police say they had plan to ambush, stab victim

Police have discovered new details about the killing of a Miramar High School senior at his apartment complex that led them to arrest three teens who, they said, had planned the crime over the course of a week.

17-year-old Andre Clements, 17-year-old Christie Parisienne and 16-year-old Jaslyn Smith face felony charges of first-degree murder, criminal conspiracy and tampering with evidence in connection to the killing of 18-year-old Dwight Grant.

According to the arrest report, Clements was upset with Grant because the victim had allegedly had sex with a former girlfriend of his, so he and the other two suspects conspired a plan to murder him.

A surveillance image captured the suspects, dressed all in black, as they entered the apartment building where the victim lived, Oct. 17.

The arrest report includes text messages between the suspects that, detectives said, show them asking each other when the crime was going to be committed.

According to the arrest report, Clements and Parisienne called Smith, a friend of theirs who also lives nearby, to help them out with the crime. Once they arrived to Grant’s apartment police said Parisienne called Grant on his cellphone to lure him into the stairwell, and once the victim came out of his unit, the suspects ambushed him and beat him for 31 minutes.

A surveillance image showed Parisienne acting as a lookout. Police said she told the other suspects to stop making noise.

Investigators said Grant screamed and pleaded for his life. Eventually, Clements “stabbed the victim in the chest” with the sword.

Police said Grant bled out, and the trio carried the victim’s body and dumped it over a railing and into some bushes about 30 feet from his apartment.

Police said the suspects brought cleaning supplies with them so they could remove blood from the scene. They also attempted to burn their clothes and dumped everything into the lake.

Officers found Grant’s body on Tuesday. The arrest report states his legs were pinned toward his back.

The teens are being held in juvenile detention for the next three weeks. Their next court appearance has been set for Nov. 4.