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3 Men Rescued After Writing Giant S-O-S In Sand

What an incredible rescue story.  An “SOS” message written on the beach of a tiny Pacific island pointed rescuers to 3-missing mariners.   United States and Australian authorities say the 3-men  had set out in a 23-foot boat last Thursday to make a 26-mile   journey from Pulawat to Pulap atolls in the Federated States of Micronesia.  They went off course and ran out of fuel, landing on tiny, uninhabited Pikelot Island, 118 miles from their intended destination.   The islands are about 500 miles south of Guam, and when the men didn’t arrive in Pulap, a search was requested through the US Coast Guard’s Joint Rescue Sub Center in Guam. The men’s SOS message outlined on a beach was spotted from the air by Australian and US aircraft during the search.