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4th guard arrested in the beating death of a Miami area prison inmate

Miami-Dade Corrections

Four Florida corrections officers are charged with murder in an inmate’s death, according to the FDLE. The guards allegedly handcuffed and beat the man after he threw urine at a CO.

The incident reportedly happened at Dade Correctional Institution in Miami Dade County on Valentine’s Day.

The dead inmate is identified as 60-year-old Ronald Ingram, who was serving life for murder.

The FDLE yesterday arrested Dade Correctional Institution officers Jeremy Godbolt, Ronald Connor, Christopher Rolon and Kirk Walton following the inmate’s death in February.

Ingram was beaten so badly he couldn’t even walk and was carried to a transport van to be taken to another facility, according to FDLE.

Investigators say that he was found dead hours later and miles away, alone in the back of the van.

In a statement, an FDLE spokesperson wrote, “The medical examiner determined the death was caused by a punctured lung leading to internal bleeding. In addition, the inmate had injuries to his face and torso consistent with a beating.”

Connor, Rolon and Walton were booked into the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center on Thursday.

Godbolt was taken into Custody on Friday.

Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle issued a statement that reads in part, “Individuals who are sentenced to incarceration by our criminal courts have lost their freedom but not their basic rights. Inmates should not be subject to forms of ‘back alley’ justice.”