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29th Anniversary of Hurricane Andrew, “Wicked Killer Terrorist, Mother Nature”

Hurricane Andrew
Hurricane Andrew, August 24, 1992.

It just takes one storm to make it a deadly hurricane season and in 1992, it was Category 5 Hurricane Andrew that hit South Florida on this day 29 years ago.
Listen to Full Rigor Podcast about deadly Hurricane Andrew here.

Episode 58: Wicked Killer Terrorist, Mother Nature

Hurricane Andrew damage
Hurricane Andrew damage in South Florida. 1992 Courtesy: WTVJ

Hurricane Andrew Facts
~ Saffir-Simpson Rating: Category 5 Hurricane.
~ Highest 1-Minute Sustained Winds: 175 mph (280 km/h)
~ Damage: $27.3 Billion (1994 USD)
~ Death Toll: 62

Episode 58: Wicked Killer Terrorist, Mother Nature
Living in South Florida, every June begins the season for deadly terror attacks from Mother Nature, the Atlantic Hurricane season. Full Rigor investigates one of the most savage attacks, Hurricane Andrew, August 24th, 1992.