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25-year-old woman lures man to home in an attempt to rob him

Miami Dade Corrections
Miami Dade Corrections

HOMESTEAD, FL– A 25-year-old woman and two men have been arrested after they attempted to rob another man by luring him to a home.
The incident occurred last Friday in the 600 block of Northwest Ninth Court.
Investigators say Halli Conley called the victim and asked him to meet him at the home.
When the victim arrived, Conley led the victim into a bedroom where another man was sitting in a chair. Conley then left the room and returned with a third man.
The third man then pointed a gun at the victim and demanded his belongings.
The victim did as he was told and gave the suspect $400 and his Android phone.
After the victim handed over his belongings, the suspect pulled the trigger on the gun, but the gun jammed.
This allowed the victim to pull out his own gun .
The first suspect later identified as 36-year-old Isaia Perez, then walked up to the victim in an aggressive manner, which caused the victim to shoot him in the arm.
That’s when Perez and the third man, 35-year-old Rafael Ciprian, began attacking the victim.
The victim shot Ciprian in the foot, which allowed him to get away.
Investigators were able to locate the trio and took them into custody.
They are facing several charges including armed robbery, attempted murder, and false imprisonment.