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23-year-old mother arrested for attempting to kill new born

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A 23-year-old mother has been arrested after she allegedly attempted to smother her new born because she believed the child was evil.

Ashley Hollingsworth was arrested on Sunday in Las Vegas.

The child’s father told authorities that he was driving Hollingsworth and the child to the hospital after Hollingsworth gave birth Saturday night.

Before the couple reached the hospital, however, Hollingsworth reportedly took the blanket and tried smothering the child in the car.

According to the report, family members told investigators that Hollingsworth had been making strange comments indicating that she believed the child was evil.

She also asked someone to punch her in the face, and when they refused, she became angry and struck herself.

The report also stated that Hollingsworth was diagnosed with an undisclosed mental illness that requires medication, when she was 19.

She told police that she did not take the medication while she was pregnant.

Hollingsworth is now being held in Clark County Detention Center without bail. She is facing attempted murder charges.

Her court appearance is scheduled for Monday.