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2021 Hurricane Season starts June 1st, are you ready?

Mike Brennan
Hurricane specialist Mike Brennan stands near a radar image of Hurricane Irma with its eye on the coast of Cuba, Saturday, Sept. 9, 2017, at the National Hurricane Center in Miami. (AP Photo/Andy Newman)

What can we expect for the 2021 Atlantic Hurricane season as we enter hurricane preparedness week?
Hurricane researchers at Colorado State University are predicting an above-average 2021 tropical season. The forecast CSU released in April predicts 17 named storms, 8 hurricanes, and 4 major hurricanes.
However, meteorologists predict that there will be more tropical storms rather than major hurricanes and they will predominately stay out of the Gulf of Mexico sparing Texas and aim for the east coast between Georgia and the Carolinas instead.

Some key points to remember as we are two weeks away from Hurricane Season:
The first step: Know your risk. Is your neighborhood prone to inland flooding? Or do you live along the coast where waters could rise from a storm surge?
If you live near the coast, find out from your county’s emergency management office if you live in an evacuation zone. Then, if they issue an evacuation, you’ll know if you need to leave before the waters rise.
If you are in an evacuation zone, know where you’ll go if you need to leave your home.
Once you have your plan in place, then you can think about helping others.

West Palm Beach Mayor Keith James wants us all to be prepared. He sent this letter to residents of his city:

Dear Neighbor:

The Atlantic hurricane season occurs from June 1st to November 30th. Hurricanes are dangerous and can cause major damage because of storm surge, wind damage, and flooding. Now is the time to prepare!

Know Your Risk – Find out how rain, wind, water could happen where you live so you can start preparing now.
Make an Emergency Plan – Make sure everyone in your household knows and understands your hurricane plan. Consider how COVID-19 might affect your plan.
Know your Evacuation Zone & Routes – You may have to evacuate quickly due to a hurricane.
Recognize Warnings and Alerts – Download the PBC Dart app, the emergency alert system utilized by Palm Beach County and the City of West Palm Beach to inform you of emergencies.
Disabilities – If you or anyone in your household is an individual with a disability, identify if you may need additional help during an emergency.
Prepare Your Business — Make sure your business has a continuity plan to continue operating when disaster strikes.
Review Important Documents — Make sure your insurance policies and personal documents like ID are up to date. Make copies. Keep them in a secure password-protected digital space.
Get Tech Ready –Keep your cell phone charged when you know a hurricane is in the forecast, and purchase backup charging devices to power electronics.
Gather Supplies – Have enough supplies for your household including medication, disinfectant, face coverings, and pet care supplies in your “go” bag or hurricane kit.
Working together, we can be prepared, ready, and safe this hurricane season! Preparing now will help you later when it counts.