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2019 reports shows Boynton Beach drawbridge operator opened bridge while woman walking

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A report from 2019 alleges that a bridgetender in Boynton Beach reportedly opened the bridge she was operating while a pedestrian was walking across it.

The incident was reported on Woolbright Road bridge that is operated by the county according to CBS12.

According to the report, witnesses watched in horror as the drawbridge opened up with the woman still on it.

Witnesses say the woman slide down the bridge as it opened and thankfully was uninjured.

The witnesses then confronted the bridgetender who reportedly “acted like nothing happened and didn’t even apologize.”

Witnesses also reported that the blinds inside the gatehouse seemed to be down, possibly blocking the bridgetender’s view.

According to CBS12, County officials forwarded the emails about the incident, but it is unclear if the employee was disciplined.