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2 new Subway employees shot over sandwich; 1 dead

Subway Spokesman Raid
(AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

One Subway employee is dead and another employee is recovering in the hospital after they were both shot over a sandwich.
The incident occurred at a restaurant in Atlanta on Sunday.
Authorities say a customer began arguing with the two employees over how much mayonnaise was put on the sandwich. The customer then pulled out a gun and opened fire.
The store manager fired back at the customer but missed.
Both employees were taken to an area hospital where one of them died from their injuries.
According to the report, the two young employees were hired three weeks before the incident and at least one of them had their child present.
The child was said to have witnessed the shooting.
Neither of the victims have been identified at this time, and it is unclear which of the women the child belonged to.
Authorities are still searching for the suspect.