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2 children abducted from foster home

AP Photo_John Raoux (57)
Center for Exploited and Missing Children

An Amber alert has been issued for two children who were reportedly abducted from their foster home in Greece, New York.

Officials say around 8:40 p.m. on Monday two masked men broke in to the home through a window, duct-taped a woman and two of her foster children, then ran off with two other children, ages 5 and 3.

Authorities say the missing children are Dimitri Cash Jr. and his sister Shekeria cash.

“They were forcibly removed and we are gravely concerned for their well-being,” Greece Police Chief Andrew Forsythe said.

The woman said seven foster children were in the home at the time and that two of them ran down stairs when they heard her scream. The woman told police that she held both of the children who ran to help her as both of the suspect duct-taped them together.

The suspects then fled the home with the two younger children and ditched their getaway vehicle at a nearby apartment complex.

Authorities called it a “planned, targeted abduction” and say they are currently searching for the children’s father so that they can speak with him.

According to the report, the foster home has had custody of the children for about two years.