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2 arrested in connection with the drowning death of William T. Dwyer High School student

Jupiter Police
Jupiter Police

JUPITER, FL– Two teens are facing third-degree murder charges in connection with the drowning death of another teen during a car theft in 2022.
17-year-old Isabella Satarik and 19-year-old Emonte Brown were taken into custody on Tuesday after a year-long investigation into the drowning death of Tiger Campbell Rollins.
Authorities say that on Feb. 6th of 2022, Satarik, Brown, and Rollins stole a vehicle from Mallards Cove Apartments around 3:00 a.m.
Jupiter police eventually spotted the trio and pursued them in the vehicle.
The teens drove erratically at a high rate of speed and eventually crashed into a median.
They then “ran into a wooded area, where they proceeded to get into a canal,” in the area of Alternate A1A and Donald Ross Road.
During the police interview, Brown told authorities that Satarik jumped into the canal first and swam across. Brown followed her but once he got to the middle of the canal, he had trouble keeping his head above the water. Satarik jumped back into the canal and helped Brown across “because he was drowning,” the arrest report stated.
Brown told authorities that he yelled to Robbins to “turn back,” after last seeing him at the water’s edge.
Once Satarik and Brown made it back to the shore, they could not find Robbins.
Satarik eventually called her grandmother around 6:00 a.m. to come pick them up from the Beacon Cove Intermediate School and she and Brown were taken to the grandmother’s home in Tequesta.
Officials say neither of the teens contacted the authorities to report Rollin’s missing at the time.
Brown reportedly showed up at Rollins’ home around 9:00 p.m. the same day and told his parents what had occurred and that Rollins’ was still missing.
A dive team eventually found Rollins’ body the following morning in the canal.
Officials say he was wearing black shorts over black sweatpants, a long-sleeve black hooded sweatshirt, and a trash bag cut like a poncho.
A medical examiner later determined Rollins’ cause of death to be accidental drowning.