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2 arrested for stealing heads from gravesites

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Two central Florida men have been arrested after they stole multiple human heads from several gravesites for their religious practices.

43-year-old Brian Montalvo Tolentino an Juan Burgos-Lopez were arrested

Authorities say they launched an investigation into the suspects after finding that they stole human remains from the Edgewood Cemetery last December.

While serving a search warrant on Burgos- Lopez’ home, authorities found a religious shrine with seven human skulls, several animal skulls, bones, sticks, feathers, and turtle shells.

When authorities questioned the men, they admitted to stealing four of the skulls from gravesites around Mount Dora. Authorities also say that two of the skulls turned out to be fake and that they are still investigating where the other skulls came from.

According to the report, the men practice a religion called Palo Mayombe which requires them to collect the remains of heroic people.

At least three of the skulls were said to have belonged to veterans.

Both suspects have been arrested and charged with multiple counts of disturbing the contents of a grave and abuse of a dead body.

Burgos-Lopez also faces a charge of buying, selling or trafficking in dead bodies.

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