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19-year-old dies after state trooper uses PIT maneuver to stop vehicle

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FORREST CITY, AR--A 19-year-old has died after a state trooper used a PIT maneuver to stop the vehicle during a traffic pursuit.
The Arkansas State Police department identified John Bomar as the deceased.
According to the report, a state trooper attempted to pull over Bomar for a traffic violation in Forrest City around 4:35 p.m.
Bomar, however, refused to stop.
Authorities say the teen instead exited the eastbound lanes of Interstate 40 at Forrest City and turned north onto Arkansas Highway 1. He then started driving at speeds up to more than 100 miles per hour.
As the trooper and Bomar approached the St. Francis and Cross county line, the trooper did a PIT maneuver.
The maneuver caused Bomar’s vehicle to leave the highway and into a farm field.
Authorities administered lifesaving techniques at the crash scene before transporting Bomar to an area hospital.
Bomar was said to have died from his injuries.
According to state police, an investigation has been submitted to a prosecuting attorney of jurisdiction. The attorney will then decide whether the use of deadly force by the Arkansas State Police was consistent with Arkansas laws.