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4 people arrested after robbing an elderly woman, wearing clown masks and armed with a sledgehammer

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(ORANGE COUNTY, Florida)– Four people have been detained after they allegedly broke into a woman’s home, stealing thousands of dollars worth of items all while wearing clown masks, according to authorities.

23-year-old Melissa Martinez, 26-year-old Shakira Rivera Colon, 24-year-old Jaydie Cintron-Mayoral, and 42-year-old Nelson Cruz-Medina broke into the victim’s home and, authorities said, they did it while wearing clown masks and armed with a sledgehammer.

Martinez was the caregiver for the victim’s husband before he died, and was reportedly the only one with access to the residence.

Police put out a pawn scan on Martinez, which revealed that she pawned a 14k gold necklace, a 14k gold ring with three diamonds on it, a 10k gold bracelet, and a 14k gold cross pendant on Dec 1 around 6 p.m.

All four suspects are charged with home invasion robbery and grand theft.