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Palm Beach County school officials warn parents NOT to send children to school with tasers

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(AP Photo/Daniel Cole)

(PALM BEACH COUNTY, FLA) — As the new school year approaches, Palm Beach County school leaders warn parents not to send their children to their place of learning armed with tasers, according to the school district.

Last year many students were expelled from school due to possession of the self-defense tool.

Dr. Debra Robinson of the Palm Beach County School Board put forth the idea of a “Safe Harbor” policy, which would allow students who come to school with these weapons the ability to turn them in without fear of reprisal.

Concerned parents are sending their children to school armed with self-defense weapons in response to the increasing number of school shootings.

What these parents don’t realize is that schools generally have a zero-tolerance policy for weapons of any kind on school grounds.

“Tasers are considered weapons. Guns, knives, zero tolerance on the campuses,” said Chief Sarah Mooney of the School District of Palm Beach County Police Department.

The School District of Palm Beach County reported 20 weapons on campuses during the 2019/20 school year and 85 reports during the 2021/22 school year through April 25.

Chief Mooney announced Monday that students shouldn’t feel unsafe at school or on the way to and from school.

Students who fear for their safety should speak with police or school authorities.