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16 dead in Air India Express plane crash

16 people are dead and hundreds more were left injured after an Air India Express plane slid off the runway while attempting to land.

The incident was reported on Friday in New Delhi.

Authorities say the Boeing 737 was attempting to land during heavy rain when the flight managed to skid off the runway.

The plane was said to have gone about 35 feet down a slope before it split into two.

According to a statement from Air India Express, there were 174 passengers on board at the time including 10 infants, two pilots, and four cabin crew members.

While not all of the dead have been identified, it was said the pilot was among the deceased. 123 were said to be injured.

Authorities reported that flight was a repatriation flight carrying Indian citizens back into the country.

All other flights in the country have been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.