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132 passengers killed in Chinese airline crash was intentional, US officials say

On March 21st a China Eastern Airlines plane crashed, killing 132 passengers onboard.

According to ABC News, this was no accident and was an intentional act. The aircraft was a Boeing 737-800 passenger jet, leaving from Kunming and headed to Guangzhou.

US officials have reported that the plane’s landing flaps were not engaged, nor was it’s landing gear put down. Intentional force would have been required to initiate the near vertical descent and subsiquent crash.

The passenger plane crashed into the mountainous region of Guangxi, China. It crashed with such force as to create a 66 foot deep hole in the ground, say Chinese Officials.

In the ongoing investigation, the blackbox of the aircraft was reviewed and the personal lives of the pilots delved into. The lead pilot was, according to officials, struggling with some issues at the time.

The plane was carrying  132 passengers and 9 crew members, all of whom were dead when the crash was discovered on the 27th of March.