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13-year-old retrieving BB gun for his granddad prompts Martin County school lockout


Martin County, FL– Several schools in Martin County were under alert after a teen was seen hopping the fence to a school with what appeared to be a gun.
The incident was reported at Hope Rural School in Indiantown around 1:00 p.m.
A teacher noticed a teen jump the fence with what appeared to be a rifle.
Once the teen noticed a teacher he was said to have fled to a light grey newer model Dodge Durango.
The vehicle then drove off from the scene.
The incident prompt a county-lock out for Martin County Schools.
Authorities have since located and identified the teen in question.
According to the report, the 13-year-old is the grandson of the school’s groundskeeper.
The teen told authorities that he was retrieving the gun for his granddad.
Officials say the gun was actually a bb gun used for killing rodents.