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12-year-olds arrested over social media threat

(AP Photo/Jenny Kane, File)

Three middle school students have been arrested after they reportedly posted threatening messages on SnapChat.

Authorities say all three students attend Silver Trail Middle School in Pembroke Pines and were arrested on Sunday after they were notified about the messages.

It is unclear what the messages said, however, authorities reported that they are taking all threats seriously even if it was meant as a joke or prank:

“Whether written as a joke or a prank, all threats made against our schools will be taken seriously,” a statement from the Pembroke Pines Police Department read. “Threats of this nature are severe offenses, and any individual who has committed such acts will be charged accordingly.

Each of the students involved are now facing a second-degree felony charge for making a written threat to do bodily harm or commit an act of terrorism. One student also faces an additional second-degree felony charge for conspiracy to commit a criminal offense.