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12-year-old pulls out gun after fight on school bus

A 12-year-old student and her mother are now in police custody after the child pulled out a gun and tried to get on a school bus.
The incident was reported on Friday at the intersection of Gallier Drive and Mirabeau Street following a fight between the student and another girl on the school bus.
Video shows the two girls fighting as other students videotape and egg them on. At some point, the girl reportedly got off of the bus at a stop but then tried to get back on after retrieving something.
The bus driver at this point, already closed the doors and refused to reopen them to the student.
The student then pulls out a gun and continues to bang on the school bus doors.
The 12-year-old was arrested for aggravated assault with a firearm later that day.
The child’s mother was also arrested. She has since been charged with principle to aggravated assault and for contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile.
According to the report, the student attends Akili Academy which released a joint statement with Crescent City Schools about the incident:
“Crescent City Schools and Akili Academy are horrified by this brazen act of violence that happened off school campus. School buses should be safe places of transport for our young people. Police were called Friday afternoon during this incident and police action was taken. The student is not at school, and we are working with NolaPS regarding disciplinary action,” the statement said.
In an Instagram video, a woman who claimed to be the child’s mother claimed her daughter was bullied:
“I do not respect how my child is being held accountable for something that she was being bullied about,” the woman says in the video. “She was being bullied, so she pulled out a firearm… It was not supposed to be in her possession, though it was in her possession, so she pulled it.”