12-Year-Old Charged with Murder After Poisoning her 4-Year-old Brother Out of Jealousy

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

A 12-year-old girl from Kentucky is facing a murder charge after she attempted to kill her 4-year-old step brother because she believed her mother loved him more than her.  The incident occurred Wednesday in Oak Grove.

According to the report, the girl’s mother says she was looking through her daughter’s Skype messages when she noticed that in one of the messages the girl told a friend that she planned to poison the younger child with a cleaning product. The mother told authorities that the child had been sick recently so she questioned her daughter about the message. The 12-year-old admitted that she put a clean product in the child’s water and made him drink it because she believed her mom loved him more.

The 12-year-old later told authorities that she did it because the boy was annoying her.

She has since been charged with murder and taken to a hospital for evaluation.

Captain Chris Miller told WTVF, that the child is facing a murder charge because there is no attempted murder charge in Kentucky but the charge may be changed depending on the medical evaluation:

“She’s facing a murder charge because Kentucky does not have an attempted murder charge there. Depending on the outcome of her medical evaluation, that murder charge could be reduced to something else with the same penalty,” Captain Miller said.



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