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Noose left in office of Black South Florida attorney

(AP Photo/Massoud Hossaini, file)

On Tuesday a disturbing discovery was made after a noose was found in the building of a Black South Florida attorney’s door.

It was found on the door outside Ronald Surin’s Champagne & Surin Law Office in Fort Lauderdale.

Surin took to Facebook to share the news, he said  “I was busy and paid no attention until I shared it with my wife. I have been free for so long that no man can enslave my mind nor instill a spirit of fear in me!”

Surin said the noose was made of a brown, leather type of material. He tossed it in the garbage and he says he thinks it could be a prank but wonders why it was placed there at all.

Surin called police to file a report. He says  “I would advise people if they encounter any such items, or suspect any such treatment, that they need to make a record of it, take pictures and report it to the authorities, the police or even the FBI because those things constitute hate crimes, and they’re not acceptable,” Surin said.

Surin said he plans to upgrade his security system, and the law firm will stay where they are.