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11-year-old shot in chest by police officer responding to domestic call

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Indianola, Mississippi– The mother of an 11-year-old boy who was shot in the chest by a police officer responding to a domestic call is asking for answers.
The situation unfolded early Saturday morning at the child’s home in Indianola, Mississippi.
According to the child’s mother Nakala Murry, she contacted the police after the father of her other child showed up to the home irate.
Murry says she knows that when the father gets into that mood, anything could happen and she wanted “to stop it right there.”
Murry says she snuck her phone to one of her children and asked him to call her mother and the police.
During the interaction at the home, Murry’s 11-year-old son was shot by the responding police officer.
The child was taken to an area hospital where as of Tuesday, he is in intensive care on a ventilator due to a collapsed lung.
Murry also says the child has other injuries including fractured ribs and a lacerated liver.
While the details surrounding why and how the child was shot have not been released at this time, it was said that the child was unarmed.
“This cannot keep happening. This is not OK,” said Nakala Murry, the boy’s mother, during the press conference. “If a non-police officer was to shoot someone, you know it’s not OK. When the police do it, they have a protocol. He was trained. He knows what to do.”
Murry also says her son does not understand why he was shot and cries about the incident.
The family and supporters are asking for the body camera footage to be released within 48 hours and for the officer to be fired and charged.
If the city does not act, the family says they will hold a sit-in at the Indianola City Hall starting Thursday morning.