11-year-old Boy Dies After Rescuing Friend

Anthony Perez,11, died Tuesday after rescuing his friend who fell through the ice of a frozen pond in Queens, New York.

Anthony Perez and his pal Juan Umpierrez were playing by a pond at Forest Park when Juan fell into the water.

NY authorities say Anthony tragically died by falling into the water after heroically pushing his friend to safety.

According to reports, Rescuers arrived at the scene 4 minutes after a call was placed to 911.

Fire crew walked through chest high water and plowed through the ice with their hands to save the young boy, but unfortunately, it was too late.

When they finally got Anthony to dry land, he reportedly was not breathing, paramedics performed CPR and rushed him to Jamaica Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Two firefighters were treated for hypothermia after they fell through the ice attempting to save Anthony.

Along with multiple posts on social media, the New York City Fire Department’s deputy chief George Healy held a press conference warning parents about the risks of frozen water in the winter and urging them to make sure their children avoid it.

Classmates of Anthony took the time to reflect upon the young boy’s kindness following this heartbreaking incident resulting in a life lost too soon.



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