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Updated: Suspect identified in Capitol attack

APTOPIX Capitol Lockdown
(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Update: Authorities have identified the suspect that drove into a barrier at the U.S. Capitol as 25-year-old Noah Green of  Indiana. Previous A driver and one officer are dead after the driver rammed their vehicle into Capitol police who were guarding a barricade at the U.S. Capitol. The incident occurred Friday at 1:03 p.m. at the vehicle access point along Independence Avenue.

During a press conference, authorities reported that after the suspect drove into the police barricade, the suspect then got out of their car and lunged at Capitol Police officers with a knife. The suspect was  able to stab one officer before he was subsequently shot by police and taken to an area hospital where they died of their injuries. Two officers were injured in the incident. Authorities are reporting that one of those officers identified as William Evans, an 18- year veteran of the force, has since died of his injuries. The incident is still under investigation, however, authorities are reporting that the suspect was not known to Capitol police before the incident and that the incident does not appear to be terror related.