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1 dead, another injured after wind gust flips plane over at Orlando airport

Flipped Aircraft
(AP Photo/Daily (Monmouth)Review Atlas, Marty Touchette)

(ORLANDO, FLA) — Authorities in Florida believe severe weather may have played a part in a fatal airplane crash Thursday at an Orlando airport.

According to its preliminary accident and incident data, the Federal Aviation Administration said two people were onboard the Diamond DA42 Twin Star as it was taxing for departure when the plane flipped over due to a wind gust.

The Orlando Fire Department told USA Today that one person was pronounced dead at the scene, while the other person was transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center. The identities of those on the twin-engined plane were not released.

The twin-engine aircraft wasn’t the only plane to be turned over at the airport on Thursday. The news outlets reported that an unoccupied single-engine plane that was parked was also flipped over, the newspapers reported.

According to USA Today, meteorologists had warned that the area could see “damaging winds over 60 mph” and rain.

Officials are still investigating the incidents.