Writer Pretends to be Black to Get into School

Vijay Jojo Chokal-Ingam, the brother of actress Mindy Kaling is speaking out about affirmative action, after he allegedly used it to get into medical school.

In an interview with CNN, the Indian American claimed that he pretended to be black in order to get into the school after he realized that his 3.1 GPA was too low to ensure that he would be accepted.

Chokal-Ingam said he took drastic measures like shaving his head, cutting his eyelashes and going by his middle name Jojo.

Photo Courtesy of CNN via CBS12

He then took the charade a step further and joined an organization of black students.

The author of the book “Almost black” said he believes affirmative action is actually racist and anticipates that President Donald Trump will “end affirmative action like Lincoln ended slavery.”

During the interview, Chokal-Ingam also cited the 2016 Supreme Court case Fisher v. the University of Texas, where a Caucasian woman Abigail Fisher, sued UT saying she did not get in because she was white. The court ruled that the University had the right to accept or not accept any student based off of race.

Chokal-Ingam said he believes that the Trump administration and changes that occurred in the Supreme Court “could effectively force the universities to end their racist affirmative action policies by forcing them to lose their federal funding.”



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