Watch: Roadside vendor stop thieves from stealing and save Valentine’s Day

On Monday, two thieves in Arizona thought they could get away with stealing some free Valentine’s day presents.

Witnesses were sitting in traffic at a Pheonix interstate when suddenly two men jumped out of an SUV at a red light and ran toward a roadside vendor selling giant teddy bears for Valentine’s Day.

The thieves quickly grabbed the oversized stuffed animals and raced back to their car.

While attempting to steal the huge toys, the men struggled to load them into the vehicle and once they were successfully inside, had nowhere to go.

Unable to flee the scene because the light was red, two of the vendors ran up to the SUV and forced open the doors to get the bears back.

One of the men quickly threw a bear out of the car, while the vendor managed to get the second bear back after a brief struggle.

The suspects managed to escape once the light turned green but not before the vendors retrieved the bears saving Valentine’s day.


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