Player Had Sex With Coach’s Wife

A former Tennessee high school football coach literally took one for the team as he stood by his wife in court on Monday as she was sentenced to three years in prison for repeatedly having sex with one of his teen players.

The Coach’s Wife

Kelsey McCarter, 27, pleaded guilty last week to six counts of statutory rape and one count of exploitation of a minor for having sex with a 16-year-old player on her husband.

She initially faced 38 years in prison, but agreed to a three-year sentence at Monday’s hearing, where Justin stood by her side

Her attorney said in a statement “She made a mistake. She’ll move past it. She’s young and, as you saw, her family is here in support of her. Her husband is strongly supportive of her.”

McCarter and the victim had sex several times between Feb. and Dec. 2015 also sent the teen a topless video of herself.  The teen moved in with the couple when Coach offered to mentor him after behavioral issues.

“She’s very sorry about what happened, she’s sorry she put her family through this,” her attorney continued, “It’s tough and it will continue to be tough.”


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