Pastor Fighting to Prevent PBC Nude Beach

Summer concept with sandy beach

Palm Beach County Commissioners have until April 20 to designate one of the county-owned beaches as clothing-optional.

If no nude beach is designated, Karl Dickey, executive director of Palm Beach Naturists, says his group will post signs and designate their own.

Pastor Mark Boykin from the Church of All Nations in Boca Raton is calling on other pastors, rabbis and religious leaders to band together to stop the organization.

He says Palm Beach County does not want to be known as a hangout for nudists especially in front of kids. So in response he is calling for the religious community to rise up.

He’s starting a petition drive at his church this week to derail plans by the grassroots group.

Proponents say a clothing-optional beach will also attract tourists who will spend money in our restaurants, stores and hotels.

Dickey says his group has three spots in mind that would be suitable for a clothing-optional beach in Palm Beach County, and he’s not naming them at this time.


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