Mom Demands Justice After Teen is Injured in a Fight


A mother from Weston is demanding justice after her teen daughter was injured after another teen attacked her while other people filmed. The incident occurred on February 2nd at the Weston Town Center.

In the video that has since gone viral, the 13-year-old is seen attempting to shield her face as her 14-year-old aggressor slaps, punches, and even kicks her throughout the video.

The teen says she does not know the girl or why she attacked her, however, other reports surrounding the incident say the fight was over a boy.

She was taken to the hospital to for treatment on some bumps, bruises, swelling, and neck pain.

The teen and her mom are also concerned about why everyone just took out their phones to record instead of helping the victim.

“Yeah, I was wondering that — why none of my friends like came in,” said the victim. “I mean, that’s what kids do. They take out their phones and record fights. That’s like their thing.”

“I think that’s a shame,” said her mother. “I think we’re doing a bad job at parenting at home if that’s what the kids are doing.”

The aggressor has since been given a civil citation which carries a weight of several days of community service, however, the victim’s mom says she’s frustrated with the ruling because she believe it’s not a strict enough punishment.

“The least, I thought, is that she would be taken into juvenile hall,” said the victim’s mother. “Most likely, this girl is gonna do it again because there are zero consequences to this.”

The victim was treated and released from the hospital shortly after, however, she has not returned to school for fear of her safety.


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