Major Insurer Stops Covering OxyContin

Insurance giant Cigna is no longer going to cover most prescriptions for OxyContin.

Starting January 1st, Cigna will not cover most prescriptions for the widely-prescribed opioid in group health insurance plans such as those through an employer.

The change announced this week is part of Cigna’s efforts to help rein in a nationwide epidemic of opioid abuse.

Cigna says it’s signed a contract with a drugmaker for a pain reliever with drug abuse deterrent properties.

To fill the void left by OxyContin’s removal, the insurer has turned to Xtampza ER, which it calls an “oxycodone equivalent with abuse deterrent properties.”

Last year, Cigna announced a goal of reducing its customers’ use of opioids by 25-percent over the next three years.


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