Kids Mistake 5-Foot Alligator as Pool Toy

An 11-year-old and an 18-year-old from Hamilton, Ontario are lucky after they mistook a real alligator as a pool toy while enjoying their swimming pool. The girl’s father told reporters at Inside Edition they were getting out of the pool when they noticed the alligator in their yard. At first 11-year-old Sophie Ertsinian said she thought their father had left a pool toy out in the yard as a prank, however, as she examined the “new toy” she thought she saw it move.

“As [Sophie] was drying off, she saw it sitting in the sun,” their dad Walter Ertsinian told “She goes, ‘I think it’s an alligator. Did dad buy an inflatable alligator to play in the pool, or is it a joke?’”

That’s Sophie said she screamed and called her sister Christina. Both girls got close to examine the Alligator as it sat in the sun but ran inside as the reptile moved its head.

“Sure enough, there was an alligator,” said Walter, who finally came to check the backyard after several moments of hesitation. “I didn’t know if it was injured or just sleeping, I’m not familiar with the animal or how it reacts other than what you see on television.”

The girl’s father then called emergency services who then contacted animal control. As the family waited for animal control to arrive, they watched the alligator move around their backyard lounging on a picnic table and other loose furniture.

City of Hamilton Animal Services dealt with this animal on August 8,2017

Posted by Walter Ertsinian on Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Eventually, animal control arrived and took the reptile to a safe and secure location.

The family says they were shocked and didn’t know what to do at first because it’s not usual to have an alligator in their midst.

“If this were in Florida, this would not even be a story but up here, it wouldn’t survive the winter exposure,” he said, speculating the alligator might have been someone’s pet. “To have one up here is totally odd and rare.”



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