Here Are the Elements of a Perfect Nap . . . Plus the Strangest Places People Have Taken One

There’s really nothing that feels as amazing as taking a sweet, sweet nap. Even if you have to do it while you’re sitting on a toilet in the office bathroom. A new survey asked people to name the elements of a PERFECT NAP. And here are the results . . . It’s after a meal or exercising . . . in a dark, cool room . . . with a blanket and one pillow . . . with a pet . . . and it lasts longer than 20 minutes. But if you can’t make all of those things happen . . . most people will just grab whatever nap they can. Here are some of the strangest places people say they’ve taken naps . . . In an abandoned chemical plant . . . standing up on the subway . . . in a coal mine . . . in a barrel . . . in a drive-thru waiting for food . . . in their trunk . . . on a ski lift . . . while riding a horse . . . and at a funeral.



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